Hey there! Dreamland

Rakshita Upadhyay
3 min readOct 2, 2023

If there is anything that excites me more than ice-creams, it is probably dreaming. An escape from the so-called reality, yet sometimes dreams intimidate me. I was a sleepy head since my childhood because I got to see mingled things; things from two worlds coinciding. I remember always crossing my fingers and wishing that whatever I saw was for real.

I never got the love of my grandfather because he was called to the heavens long before I was born. Guess where I met him in person? In my dreams. We played all day long; it was a barren area, though. The dream ended when both of us were cooking a meal. But everything is not so glittery you see, I got horrible dreams too, so horrible that I woke up in the night and started crying. I strongly feel that dreams have something to do with reality, or you can say they are an omen. Most of the people won’t obey me but that is just my observation.

When I entered college, I suffered within. Everything had changed for me and for the whole year I consistently entered a dream where I was trying to run but I couldn’t. There was always something that pulled me from behind although I couldn’t see what that was. It was so powerful that the mere motion of my legs felt stationary. It was the time when I didn’t want to dream at all. I could even feel myself sweating in the middle of the night.

Most of the horrible dreams are in my recycle bin now. I don’t remember them at all but a few of them left an impact on me, in the form of a scar, forever branded in my body. Time slipped fast, and I kept dreaming about things I wanted dearly, and the things I loathed earnestly.

But for a moment, let us leave the sad part. Let us throw light on the brighter side of dreaming. Obviously, it is good for your health and also you sometimes get to kiss your crush! Eso es buena!

If I get a chance to dream anything, I would build my own dreamland. A place that is devoid of bad humans. just you and me. A place where I can walk anytime during the night if I wish to see the stars. A place where I get up early and sip the ginger tea. A place where I can fly and meet my favorite characters from the movies.

Every weekend, I would go to meet Tesla and Einstein and if the radioactivity is normal, Marie Curie. I would trespass in the lanes entering the place where Leonardo lived. I would find out how he was related to Monalisa.

I would travel in the era of the birth of different religions to find out why they were created and who the mastermind behind writing all the rules was.

If at all possible, I will try to see how life was created and how it transformed.

Dreams give you answers to the questions that reality can’t. Like reality would tell you the formula of benzene, but a dream has the power to tell you its shape (that is how Kekule did it).