I Woke up to Minor Burns on a Sunday Morning — Here’s What I Learned

Enjoy this light-hearted article based on a real-life incident

Rakshita Upadhyay
3 min readJan 10, 2022


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To start with, the pain I am going through right now is telling me the burns aren’t a joke. But since I am still able to write, they aren’t that severe. I am just doing it because, for me, it’s the best way to let go of the pain. I have cried enough for the day and my big girl instinct is yelling at me to shut up.

Here’s what happened

I usually wake up when my mother gives me ‘chai’ or Indian tea. Since it’s Sunday, I felt like sleeping a bit more. Unlike other days, she didn’t put the mug on the space above the headrest, thinking it might fall on my face somehow. Instead, she asked me to wake up and hold the tea. You can guess what’s going to happen now.

I held the tea and dozed off for the fraction of a second.

I woke up again, in pain. I gave a decent alarming voice that sounded more like a mischievous grin to my family. The whole tea was all over my neck and beyond. I rushed to the bathroom, took off my clothes, and tried cooling down the burning sensation.

Let me remind you- I was still half asleep. I felt it was unreal but the pain was fucking me in the dream turned into reality. My mother came to the rescue. She applied ice, as most Indian mothers would do.

It did give me relief, but I was crying like a kid. After the ice and water treatment, we consulted a doctor and got the ointment and the required meds. Great relief.

And the irony is — as Indian as I am, I got another cup of tea while sulking over what happened just after waking up. Poor me.

Here’s what I learned

Post on medium frequently

Or else, you would have to wait for some phenomenal moment like waking up on a Sunday morning to minor burns, like me. But I hope it never happens to you(you’d still write, wouldn’t you?).

Don’t play ifs and buts

After everything happened, my mother was like- I told you to wake up and you’re so careless. And I told her- If you simply put the mug on the headrest, it wouldn’t have happened. Yes, it is illogical. I am in pain and I can’t reverse the whole thing. There’s no use discussing the trivial ifs and buts.

Crying is okay, so is laughing

Days ago, my brother was telling me that he hasn’t seen me cry. And today, he did. What a coincidence. But that didn’t stop me crying seconds ago he said the funniest thing and laughed moments after.

There is kindness all around

Once you are in pain, the world magically becomes so kind, especially your siblings. Trust me, you have to go through a little pain just to see them following your orders. I won this time, haha.

Stay vigilant, Always

In India, we say- Saavdhaani Hati, durghatna ghati, which translates to “tragedy happens the moment you stop paying attention.” In my case, it happened just after I decided to sleep.

Bad news spreads faster than the good news

As a daily family activity, my mother tells the good and the bad news to my grandmother, who laters tell them to my uncles. But I haven’t seen my trivial successes spread faster than this. In fact, they don’t even know I write.

Embrace your scars

After this is over, I am going to have some scars that will remind me of this incident. To be honest, I have a few other scars and I can only embrace them altogether. But I guess there’s a better idea, that is, to stop writing while in pain.

I will get better, hopefully. Omg, why do I feel like a YouTube vlogger? I don’t have any plans to become one, though.

(This is an old incident that happened in July 2021 and I have recovered from this now)

Take care.



Rakshita Upadhyay