Rakshita Upadhyay
2 min readJun 23, 2021

(the word indeed sounds funny but it literally dictates the conditions of most Millennials and coming generations nowadays. Typically, it refers to the situation of having an active social life but very few or no friends in reality)

Photo on by Pratik Gupta

The phone is considered a good way to stay connected with lots of people at the same time, thanks to social media. It has revolutionized everything and, therefore, has become an integrated part of human lives. No one can imagine spending a day without a phone. One chime of notification and there you go! - scrolling what your friend made for dinner or the viral Tik-Tok video you can’t miss.

This hard-wired schedule that includes a phone and an active internet connection is eating us and obviously, a whole chunk of our time. It’s not that people just use their phones for leisure activities like social media scrolling but most people also use it to study and getting other knowledgeable things that were kinda hectic before the internet era. So, to be precise, phones have helped us in many ways and sometimes even saved us, but the habit of being clung to them every other second is what creates havoc.

Phones have turned us into loners who know perfectly well to socialize virtually, rather than in person. And this road has made all the difference. The habit of not meeting and talking to people along with holding onto the temporariness of the social world has ruined many friendships and sober human connections. Mal de Cou Cou precisely explains that.

People nowadays boast of having thousands of followers or friends on social media, but when it comes to sharing their happiness and sorrows, they always have to ‘think’ before letting their minds out. Not only this, but Mal de Cou Cou has also done a lot to the mental health of many people who find it hard to cope with the lows in their lives alone.

Believe it or not, the temporary world has made us do it. It has made us look for happiness virtually where things seem unreal but still release serotonin. Sadly, this vicious cycle has deprived us of the perks of the most basic circle- our family and friends that we are born to hold onto.