SILIENCE: The Beauty of Unnoticed Excellence!

Rakshita Upadhyay
3 min readJul 3, 2021

(Silience refers to unnoticed excellence. Humans interact with each other and with nature to make art and make excellence, but oftentimes, it is left unseen and unappreciated by everyone. Cheers to this excellence that is introverted and shy. It is no less than anything, but just less noticed and less seen.)

Little artworks by me! (Made just to cope up with anxiety or writer’s block)

Pangs of self-doubt hit you when you don’t get appreciated for the music video, the voiceover, the creative picture, or the long blog post that is your best work so far, even though you took more time and emotions to create it. You are ready to hear everyone applauding and want to bathe in the shower of compliments.

But hours and even days pass and nothing happens, maybe what you see as excellent work is not so excellent in the eyes of others. You get disheartened, but more disheartened because you spent so much time and poured yourself all into creating that one thing no one seems to appreciate.

Humans want appreciation. It keeps them going. But when all the hard work and excellence fail to make an impact on others, everything seems a bit off.

Most people crave attention, especially in this age where social media basically manifests everyone’s lives. The thing is, at one point, no matter the extent of excellence, due to the sheer abundance of everything, even the best artworks or writeups fail sometimes.

Appreciation is as much important as excellence itself.

But does that mean, without appreciation, excellence has lost its value? No! But we live in a society where every individual is hard-wired to seek validation from other people. To be true, it is not possible for everything to be noticed by everyone passing by.

Just because someone doesn’t have time to zoom your artwork or stop by your stall to see the details on your canvas, doesn’t mean it won’t be noticed by other people. Have patience.

Most people stop practicing their hobby or get disinterested in learning a new thing just because no one or not enough people were there to appreciate them. What is the idea then? In this ever-busy world, people need to learn that no matter how talented they are, sometimes, recognition depends purely on ‘luck’. Consistency is the key as it helps in summoning determination.

“The hardest part is the beginning of the voyage; taking the step for your own good. Some people notice while others ignore- it is your duty to appreciate your own work. You are your first spectator. Be your own critique but don’t forget to appreciate what you have done and give a pat to your back. You will come across SILIENCE more often than you might imagine right now, but don’t forget you have two hands and when no one claps your you-you can clap for yourself!”

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