Struggling to Read? Start Your Journey With These Books (Thank Me Later)

Rakshita Upadhyay
6 min readJul 1, 2021


I think half of your problems won’t be there in the first place if you just ignore a few things and start ‘READing.’

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To be honest, it is easier said than done! Reading is not everyone’s cuppa tea, not even mine.

Being a writer, I feel a constant burden or a lump in my throat made of guilt, I must say, that makes me look down and feel what a failure I am.

To start afresh, I purchased a Kindle with a cover that said “Well begun is half-done.”

I guess I took the “Half-done” way too seriously. I dumped all my PDFs in that device and lost my interest halfway through.

This went on for months, and I was able to half-read so many motivational books that were like sleeping pills, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

I bought the Kindle to develop my reading habits but it taught me how to sleep better.

Sadly, I knew how to sleep already, and at that point, I felt as if I wasted all my money just to sleep and lose interest in reading forever.

Little did I know that reading isn’t what others suggest, it’s what YOU want to read and enjoy.

After giving it a thought, I looked for books I was really interested in; books with a story and a whole lot of emotions. With little research, I found the books I wanted to read and gave them a try.

Now I know, every individual has their taste, and I am in no mood of imposing my taste on others. I am just writing this to suggest a few books that you can try if you are really struggling with keeping up a reading habit.

Without much blah blah, let’s get straight to the list!

The Giving Tree

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Who am I kidding? Well, you know, every little drop makes an ocean. To start big, you should know how to start small. This is a simple yet thoughtful story full of pictures. It surely will revive your childhood back. Buy here

Why I love this book?

It takes less than 30 minutes to finish the whole book. It is simple and requires no dictionary whatsoever. Finishing it in no time gives you the boost you need to take a step ahead.

2. The Little Prince

Too tired of being a teenager or an adult? This book will tell you the importance of being a kid at heart. I have no simple words for this precisely magnificent book! Buy here

Why I love this book?

As small as it is, this book has infinite thoughts hidden in and between the lines. When I read the book, it simply made me rethink everything and have that thought process I was devoid of in the first place.

3. Eleanor and Park

A fan of young adult novels? This novel by Rainbow Rowell is filled with teenage struggles, finding first love, and confronting uncomfortable situations. Buy here

Why I love this book?

I have read this book twice, not gonna lie. Not just because it has a love story with a realistic touch to it, but also because this book is full of dual narratives and allows you to think both ways. No one is right or wrong; it’s just the beauty that comes out when two opposite poles attract despite the differences.

4. A Man Called Ove

If you don’t want to start with a typical love story or a short story, this novel is the right choice for you. Here, the main character is Ove, an old man that most of us would ignore or won’t give much attention to in real life. Buy here

Why I love this book?

The book revolves around a man who has nothing left to live for. It accentuates the picture of a typical man- hard from the outside, childlike from the inside. Yet there is nothing else that makes Ove a typical old man, you just need to read further, and slowly all the opaque curtains would fall down.

5. The Kite Runner

Here comes the writer who has made millions cry with simple words- “For you, a thousand times over”

The kite runner, like other Khaled Hosseini novels, is based on Afghanistan before and after the war. Most of us are living a life of comfort so deeply that we forget there exists a world devoid of things we can’t live without. The book takes into account the people and their sufferings via main as well as secondary characters. Buy here

Why I love this book?

If a novel makes you cry, it automatically becomes one of your favorite. The same goes with this and the next novel. This story revolves around males of different age groups and how their lives turn upside down. Being a refugee himself, Khaled Hosseini has penned down regrets, repentance, and grief in war-torn Afghanistan.

6. A Thousand Splendid Suns

After reading its plot, I refrained from reading this novel thinking it would, more or less, be similar to The Kite Runner. But as soon as I gathered some guts to read it, turned out the book is uniquely different from the previous one. Khaled Hosseini took a smart move and centered the (somewhat) same background around women. He gave the world what his previous novel couldn’t provide- A sneak-peek from a woman’s eyes. Buy here

Why I love this book?

I couldn’t get rid of this book, even when I was working. The reason- the book will shift your views towards women’s rights and basic human rights. Revolving around suffering and pain, the book has tiny crests of hopes that are enough to look at the brighter side. Always.

Your choice

I won’t waste your time listing out the benefits of reading. You know it’s essential, that’s why you are here. It’s okay if you have a lower attention span and a moody nature(thanks to social media).

As long as you want to make a change, you can always start again. I would suggest you research and find what you want to read yourself, but I also want to save you some time by recommending some of my favorites, so there you go!

(Will come up with part-2 of this book series real soon)

Comment your favorite books! I would love to find more about them and give them a go!